I need help

I need help. I actually cannot do what I’m meant to without help.

I do believe that God is going to provide everything I need to get to and through BSSM2. I also believe that part of my process is learning to actually, authentically open up to community and ask for help. I’ve come a very long way in this regard.

In BSSM1 my paradigm shifted at the foundation of my personality and I found out that I am worth investing in and I’m actually a blessing to everyone who crosses my path. God does not provide for me out of compulsion but it’s actually His pleasure to provide for me. He’s even won parts of my heart I hadn’t let Him love before – through provision. The money was always secondary to what He was doing with my heart. Who knew how powerful $2 for coffee on a specific day with specific timing and specific intent could be!

So, I’m going to open up a list of everything I need. This is all in USD and some are more time sensitive than others. These numbers can look pretty big but I do want to say that every contribution helps. I appreciate even that you’re reading this far. Here’s the list:

$275 (or so) to pay a government fee for the visa to attend school. I need to pay this before I fly on Tuesday.
$3265 left of my tuition needs to be paid by September 1st.
$800 to procure accommodation (deposit + first month)
$400-$450 X 8 months rent
$250 X 8 months for food and bills – gas/electricity/phone

If you feel led to help me (or if you just want to) I have 6 options:

1) Contribute directly to my tuition by clicking HERE

2) Email money transfer from a Canadian bank to jeffreybarkman@gmail.com

3) Send via PayPal to jeffreybarkman@gmail.com

4) GoFundMe which takes 8% for themselves https://www.gofundme.com/jeffbarkman

5) Share this blog post!

6) Pray 🙂


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