Literally the best news of all time

What’s going on in your life right now is more beautiful than you can currently understand. There is activity behind the veil of human experience and perception and it is carefully, consciously, faithfully inviting you forward into your best self. Your best self is the version of yourself you would actually most enjoy being. Your soul is of utmost value because the very thing that created it consciously paid the very highest price in the universe to secure a way for you to experience how deep and vast authentic love actually can be. This profuseness, this extravagance, this reality is named Jesus. He is the most alive and the most real. His invitation to you which emanates from history through every eternal realm, is to experience what infinite true love is really like and to become your most alive and your most real self.‪#‎literallythebestnewsever‬

I dare you to say out loud, “Jesus, if Jeff is right about you being real, show me.”


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