Azusa Now 2016 (Off the top of my head late at night)

It’s been a while since I’ve had the headspace to write any blog posts but when I came to open my wordpress site I found the following sitting here. I wrote it at the very end of the night on the day of Azusa Now in order to not forget what happened on the big day down in LA.

I’ve just returned back from the big day and I wanted to write down everything I remembered from today while it was still reasonably fresh in my mind.

Our bus arrived at the Colliseum around 9am and before we went through the gate to get inside a couple of my friends and I went to pray for a guy wearing a plastic cast. His pain went from about a 6 to a 3 and we thanked Jesus for progress and asked Him to complete the work. We had to go inside so we’re not sure how that one ended up.

A lady named Annette asked us to cast demons out of her because she had a drug addiction. We prayed for her and she cried pretty heavily. She exhibited kind of manic behaviour so it’s difficult to know how that ended up. We had to go inside.

We got into our section and spread out and worshipped in our section, cultivating the presence and the miraculous and then I started walking throughout our section to look for people to pray for or prophesy over. I came across a guy who was a teenager who had a tensor bandage over a cast type thing on his arm. I asked if I could pray for him and he told me he had a broken hand from a car accident 2 days ago. I prayed for him and he said he had no pain. I asked him how he’d know if he was healed and he said he would have to take the wrapping off. He walked away but as he was walking away the wrapping unclipped and kind of started coming off. He came back and put his unwrapped hand in my hand. He had a gnarly bruise a little smaller than the size of his palm. As I was praying for him I felt to tell everyone surrounding him to stop praying and just watch. As we watched the bruise dissipated through his cardiovascular system and ended up as a small purple mark about half the size of a fingernail. It was dramatic enough that everyone who saw it got spooked and they kind of freaked out a bit. I cried and thanked Jesus for being himself.

I went for lunch with a guy from my Revival Group called Martin and as we were waiting in line for food we decided to cultivate the presence and the miraculous. I started saying, “Look at all these beautiful little babies, Papa.”, and I started to feel Papa God’s heart for the people around us. Both Martin and I started prophesying over the girl behind us and we ministered to her while she had a love encounter with Papa God. The presence of God was tangible in that food lineup and it wasn’t long before people were coming up to us asking us for prayer for healing. Two people got healed of back pain and we each gave 5 or 6 lengthy prophetic words to different people in the food lineup and we ministered love encounters with Papa God to them and several others around us. It was crazy. The people around us were so hungry for a touch from God. We got to watch a whole bunch of people’s countenances change from bored of waiting in line to alive and loved experientially by God.


After lunch we went for ushering training and then ushered for a couple of hours before being relieved. Some people had very long ushering shifts but thankfully ours seemed quite short.

Bill Johnson took the stage and was calling out words of knowledge. He called out Rheumatoid Arthritis and as he did a woman near me burst out sobbing. I went over to her and a bunch of random people started praying for her. They were afraid she had a demon so I bent down and asked her name. Her name was Kathleen. I asked her what was going on and she was kind of unintelligible because she was so thankful that she’d just been instantly, miraculously healed. I ministered a love encounter to her and then took her over to the testimony people. She thanked me profusely because apparently when I blessed her belly to receive the love of the Father she had IBS or something that left.

When I got back to our section, my friend Ellie suggested I go talk to this guy Mike who is a youth pastor in Hollywood. I went and put my purple hoody over him and said, “I cover you with joy.” Then I sat and listened to Holy Spirit and felt that he was beating himself up a lot. He was dry and cynical. We had a conversation about the nature of cynicism and I gave him the key I used to get out of cynicism and I gave him a tool I used to learn how to love myself well. I ministered a mini sozo to reactivate his heart and then felt like Jesus wanted to heal people so I brought him down to meet up with my friend Andrew. One of Ellie’s friends was there who she’d seen last in Zambia and she paid me the highest compliment I’ve ever received. She said I carry so much of the Father that as I was walking down the stairs towards her, she felt Father’s presence and then turned around and it was me. She said I carry so much of Him and in such a pure way. Then a word of knowledge got called from the stage regarding joint pain and Mike turned to me jokingly and said, “Oh I have joint pain.” So I put my hand on his shoulder and said, “Oh ok, I command all the pain in your body to leave in Jesus name.” He got a shocked look on his face and started saying, “This is so weird, it just evaporated. It just evaporated. This has never happened to me before. This kind of thing has never happened to me. I’ve been missing out. I’ve been missing out.” He cried quite a bit and I told him that he didn’t know he was missing out but that he’d been stuck in a trap made for intelligent humans. A trap that can’t be seen. My Revival Group Pastor, Young Kim, came over and I got Mike to pray for his knee which was sore. We later found out that Young’s knee was feeling a lot better after Mike prayed. We invited Mike to come along through the rest of the section to go pray for the sick. We prayed for an elderly asian man named Scott who had kidney cancer and Scott said when I asked if he was experiencing anything, that he felt very, very comfortable. The presence of God was tangible when we prayed for him but there wasn’t any kind of way of checking it right there. I later saw him standing up worshipping so maybe he got healed!

Then we walked down to the very front and I asked Mike if anyone was highlighted to him. He pointed a guy out and we went to him and asked if he had any pain in his body. Turned out he’d been born with something wrong with his backbone and ribcage and lived in constant pain. We prayed and the pain decreased. We prayed again and it decreased again. We prayed again and it decreased again. Then we did some kind of slightly weird thing like tickling his belly or something and the pain went to a zero.

Once we had finished with our friend with the healed back, I asked Andrew if anyone was highighted and he said yes, he saw a woman in the middle section and heard the word, “Cartilage”. We went to her and sure enough she had a left knee problem. We prayed for her maybe 5 times and the pain decreased significantly. I felt that there was a blockage between her and Papa God because she believed she deserved the knee issue. That’s indicative of believing a few lies so I asked her what was the youngest she could remember being. She said 3. I said, well, this knee problem is illegal in 3 year old Sharon so it’s illegal now because 3 year old Sharon is still you. I asked her to tell her 3 year old self that her knee was healed. The pain decreased. We ministered a little inner healing and she cried and cried and I gave her a tool for learning how to love yourself well. Take time each day to talk to yourself as the youngest you you can remember. Talk to 3 year old Sharon and tell her that terrible thing you just said to yourself. You don’t want to, do you? What DO you want to say to 3 year old you?

From there we decided to get some food. I had a chat with a guy who used to be gay about purity week in BSSM. Mike and I chatted some more. We went back in and things seemed to be wrapping up. I prayed for Ellie’s friend and blessed her night season with new things God wants to plant. I prayed for her back and her legs were different lengths. They became the same length. Then we went home and I’m tired. (I found out today that she sent Ellie a video of her laughing and running around because her back is entirely healed. I did think her back was doing weird things while I hugged her with the Father’s heart! Update: her back apparently goes back and forth. Weird. Still, we celebrate progress before we celebrate perfection!)

I finished typing up all these testimonies and was extravagantly tired. I was really thirsty and knew I’d be thirsty in the middle of the night too so I went to get water from the gym and met a guy called Cooli. He asked some questions about who we were with in the hotel and we talked about the day today at Azusa Now. He’s in town doing Secret Service work for Senator Kerry. His heart was clearly hungry when he heard about the Father’s love so I ended up leading him in a love encounter with the Father. He cried and cried in the gym. It was so beautiful. At the end of it he looked at me surprised and said, “Man, I came down here to get water.” I laughed and said, “Me too.”

Everyone else I know was contending to see breakthrough with miracles and salvations while in LA. I really felt like what I wanted was to be able to bring people encounters with the love of God. Seems like that’s something I walk in now and I’m really excited about it.



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