Lack is not your friend

James 2 talks about the importance of partnering action with faith.

I find it interesting that James doesn’t try to make an argument for the idea that without works there isn’t any faith at all, he just says that the faith accompanied by no outward manifestation is dead. So maybe there used to be faith there but now there’s dead faith. Ouch, right?

Anyway, on my journey out of a poverty mindset I’ve found certain keys that have seemed to unlock financial breakthrough in my life and I thought, maybe other people could benefit from this stuff!

So I’m just going to come right out and say it. Lack is not your friend. Lack masquerades as wisdom and frugality and responsibility but when we spiritualize our disfunction and begin calling something by the name of a virtue, we empower it and allow it to flourish in our lives. The devil only has power in your life to the degree that you give it to him. We give him power by agreeing with the false ‘realities’ he presents us. I may have partially quoted Bill Johnson somewhere there and might have mixed it with a Kris Vallotton quote too. At any rate, lack is different than responsibility.

I’ve come across people who have lots of money who operate in lack. Once you see lack for what it is, you’ll start to recognize it all over the place. So let’s jump into what lack is!

Lack is ultimately the fear of not being good enough. It’ll tell you that you need to worry about the future because ultimately you’ll probably mess it all up and then you won’t have a paycheck and if you don’t have a paycheck you’ll blah blah blah be homeless blah blah etc. Lack always operates out of the idea that your resources are finite. In fact, lack thrives off of the idea that resources throughout the world are finite and if you don’t scratch and save and scrimp and earn some sort of terrible embarrassing horrifying situation you can’t even imagine will take place. You can tell you’re partnering with lack if you’re worrying about how you’re going to pay for something. Or if you’re worried about how long the food in the house is going to last. Or if you would like to buy your kid a bike for their birthday but that emergency fund just isn’t big enough yet. Or if you irrationally worry that you don’t have enough money when your account has a year’s living expenses sitting in it.

Ok! Enough! What do I do about it???

It’s simple. If you’re agreeing with lack, you need to break agreement with it. That looks like a confession. I’ve had times where I’m in the shower and I realize I’m operating in lack and I immediately go into, “I break agreement with lack in Jesus name and I declare that my Father is the provider. He’s not just A provider, He’s THE provider and it’s His good pleasure to provide for my needs and He even cares about my wants and His resources are infinite. Money is not a problem for my Papa.”

Now why did I mention James 2 at the beginning of this post?

Because the power in the shower declarations is actually in my response to the fact that because I am a son of the Most High, I actually lack nothing.  So, I ask Holy Spirit what to practically do with whatever I was thinking I lacked. When I needed tuition money before school I put $300 into other students tuitions. When I got $500 and started to worry that $500 wasn’t enough for what I needed, I gave $200 of it away to whoever Holy Spirit would highlight. I’ve gone through BSSM dropping $20 bills on the floor in specific places Holy Spirit tells me. He even directed me to a specific bag of a stranger sitting on a chair before class. I opened the bag and stuck a $20 inside. It’s these seemingly irrational, practical breaks with the lies lack spouts that positions us for breakthrough.

Why does Jesus command us not to worry about what we’ll eat in Matthew 6? I’d like to suggest that lack also affects the way we perceive God. I used to think I needed to beg God to provide for my needs and then probably He wasn’t really concerned so I’d have to just provide for myself.

What kind of parent would need to be begged to feed their hungry infant?

When we beg God for our needs, we are in disagreement with the reality of His nature. He is the only provider and He makes the sun rise on the just and the unjust. He created the molecules in the food you ate for breakfast and at the beginning of time, when He was first making those molecules, He knew that today, that molecule would provide the energy you need to continue being alive. When you forget to breathe, your brain (that He designed and created) breathes for you. You don’t have to remember to beat your heart because it’s His good pleasure to provide for you. You exist because He had a great idea before creation. He discussed amongst Himself the details of what you’d be like and He made you because He thought it was an awesome idea. He was so excited about it He could barely contain Himself! And then He didn’t! He spits black holes 7 billion times the size of the sun out of His mouth when He speaks!

When you worry about if you’ll be able to eat, you give reality away and supplant it with the lie that you have to be the provider. But you weren’t made to be the provider. You were made to be the Provider’s daughter. You were made to be the Provider’s son.

Sons and daughters have access to everything their Daddy has.


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