Don’t carry the, ‘how’.

We were never meant to carry the entire, ‘how’, of what we’re called to do. If you’re able to carry the, ‘how’, it’s 100% likely that you’ve settled for less than God’s purpose for you.

Just after applying for BSSM I was chatting with Holy Spirit about how I’m pretty sure I don’t have the faith to believe for the amount of money I’ll actually need to go and live in America for 9 months without working. He was like, “What do you mean?”

So I went through all the situations I could possibly come up with for how the money might come in. I projected a future where everyone I knew literally bought into the vision and the dollar amount I came up with was still short.

Then He said, “Faith believes that My goodness is at work for you beyond the borders of your perception. You don’t need to see the how. Faith pulls into your reality that which exists beyond what you can see.”

Romans 8:23 quoted out of context for the sake of the one line: Hope that is seen is no hope at all.

These are the moments in my story I need to go back to like the stones of remembrance in the book of Joshua. When I begin to feel daunted or distracted by the, ‘how’, my rent is going to get paid in the next couple of days, I come back to this place and give the, ‘how’, back to Holy Spirit.


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