Azusa Now

Everything in my life has led up to this moment. That’s not a very profound realization. It’s a statement that’s true for everybody.

The difference is in what the everything was and what this moment is. If you haven’t been around Bethel this year then you won’t have heard about the upcoming, most ambitious missional effort they’ve ever made.

Each year they send teams out on missions trips to countries all over the world and each year they see countless testimonies of healing, salvations, deliverance and breakthrough.

This year something very special is happening. Instead of sending the 2000 BSSM students in teams all over the world, we’re being commissioned to all go to one city at the same time.

We’ve been hearing stories of someone prophesying a hundred years ago that in a hundred years there would come a move of God that carried a double portion of the healing anointing seen in the Azusa Street revival and so, the entire Bethel movement, including the entire school is going down to Los Angeles in April to minister supernaturally to the people of LA and the 100 000 people expected to attend an event called, “The Call: Azusa Now”.

It’s been really amazing and incredible to watch how God lined me up to be in this exact place at this exact time. My answer to the invitation to be involved in what God wants to do in Los Angeles this Spring is an unequivocal, resounding YES.

As such, I need to ask if you’ll join your faith with mine and partner with me by sowing into me financially. The cost of getting there is $1300. The cost of not getting there is astronomically more.

Please prayerfully consider helping get my feet on the streets of LA for this moment in history. You can help by donating towards my mission trip or by sharing this blog post!

Bless you!

Donate by clicking here!


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