Perception, reality and a superior reality.

On August 10, 2015 I was getting ready to move across the continent without enough money to survive and I wrote this:

I’ve been reading Bill Johnson’s book, “When Heaven Invades Earth”, where he talks about walking in a superior reality.

Recently, I’ve been contemplating the concept that we navigate the physical realm using our perception. Through our lifetimes, through trial and error, we come to learn what the boundaries of reality are. We’re also taught what the boundaries of reality are by our parents, our teachers, our spiritual leaders and the world around us. This is all very natural. So eventually, we walk through our lives considering our ability to perceive reality as 100%.

The trouble is, nobody really perceives reality at a 100% level. Everybody’s perception is influenced by the people in their lives who impacted them the most.

An easy example to explain this idea is if your parents had a strong fear reaction to bees when you were a child, it’s incredibly likely that you have an irrational fear of bees now. I don’t have time or desire to fully get into the difference between rational fears like being afraid you’ll get injured if you run into oncoming traffic and irrational fears like being afraid a family member’s back will break if you step on a crack in the street.

Anyway, this year I’ve been favoured to be taken on an exodus from my perceived reality. I’ve loosened my grip on all my definitions of everything because I’ve realized that my perception provides me with an inferior reality compared to the way God sees and defines everything. Yep. Everything.

Essentially, the role of my perception has changed and frankly I think it may be the greatest gift I’ve ever received from the heart of the Father. I now recognize my perception as finite, unable to perceive ultimate reality on it’s own. I am constantly partnered with Holy Spirit, trusting Him to be completely in touch with my perception but also, always ready to speak into all the ways I see things through my own brokenness, in opposition to ultimate reality as He defines it.

The truth is, our perception, when yielded to Him, is an incredibly powerful tool. It’s just that to yield it to Him, we have to let go of our right to define the reality of situations, seasons, people, possessions, attitudes, etc.

I had a dream that I hope will make this fairly intense concept more understandable:

I dreamed that there was a girl who had been born in a massive underground set of connected warehouses. There were thousands of actors and crew members who worked to produce a show of her life. Essentially she was Truman from the Truman show. In the giant underground box she lived in, they had painted the ceiling blue and called it the sky. Sometimes the sprinkler system would turn on and they’d call it rain. There were all sorts of shops, bars, restaurants and other buildings built up to make this underground world seem like a town with lots of people and the girl had never asked what was outside of the walls of her reality because there was no need to. The boundaries of her reality were comfortably far away from her life.

Then I found myself and some friends somehow in the box and with opportunity to speak with her. I began to speak gently about what was beyond the walls. She was indignant at first. There must be something wrong with me to speak of the vastness of the sky in this way. Clearly, the sky was right there, observable, stagnant, unmoving and cold.

The more I told her about what was beyond the boundaries of her reality, the more curious she got. Eventually she was ready to come with my friends and I to investigate what was, “outside of the world”.

We came up against harsh opposition. The show runner had overheard the conversation and had sent all of the security guards and officers to catch us and separate us from the girl. They chased us and we ran. There was a long, arduous chase in the dream that culminated in us climbing into an old biplane that was only there for show. We started it up and flew through the complex and crashed the biplane through some buildings down the main strip of the town she called the world. The conflict and chase had laid waste to all the counterfeit infrastructure.

Then, I was confronted by the show runner.

Somehow in the aftermath of the chase, the show runner had spoken to the girl and convinced her to stay in the box. The show runner told me that the girl had decided to stay in order to continue bringing, “good familial values”, to all the people in the outside world (the show runner used the new concept of the outside world, twisted it and exploited her naivety). She’d been convinced to stay because she was of a good heart. I didn’t even engage the show runner, I just went straight to where the girl was standing observing the wreckage of her, “world”.

I said to her, “Can I just show you one thing? I’ll just show you one thing and if you want to stay here and continue making the show, I’ll leave you to it. But first, just let me show you the sky.”

She agreed and my friends and I walked her to the edge of her reality and we opened the door.

We led her through some indoor metal staircases leading up to the surface. Eventually we got to a room with windows just below street level and when she saw the sunbeams on the floor she put her hands up to her mouth. She ran for the stairs to the street and we all pursued. When we got up to street level she was stood, awestruck, tears streaming down her face, seeing the sky for the first time in her life.

She never went back into the box.

Earlier this year, a season that I had labeled, “Abject Ruin”, was slowly and gently redefined as, “A gift.”

Now I believe that every day, when we wake up, Holy Spirit is excited to see our consciousness flicker to life, and every day, He invites us, in a plethora of capacities, to come with Him beyond the boundaries of what we call reality, to let Him show us the sky for the first time.

The doorway that leads me beyond the boundaries of my perceived reality is to sit and listen and ask Him to speak to me about who He really is… And who He says I am.

When I thought I’d seen enough of who He is, when I thought I knew, I was the most wrong anyone could possibly be. I was wading in a kiddie pool and calling it the ocean.

He is always, continuously and exceedingly willing and excellently able to expand and correct our understanding of who He is and who He says we are. We just have to be willing to step beyond the boundaries of what we think is real and what we’ve been told is too good to be true.


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