I want you to go to the woods today.

June 12, 2015:

So my plan was to rip over to Canada, get a new visa and head straight back to continue doing all the stuff I’d been doing. 8 weeks. Easy.

I went to Toronto thinking that Holy Spirit and I were going to stay busy ‘doing the stuff’. Upon arrival I asked Him each morning, “So? What are we doing today?” and every morning He’d just say, “Rest.”

One morning I woke up uncharacteristically early and went outside and felt His eyes on me. So I said, “Hiiiiiiiiiiii.”

“Hi! I want you to go to the woods today.”

“Ok, now?”

“No! Go back to sleep. Just later. Whenever you wake up. Just go to the woods today.”

So I did. I went out to the middle of High Park and when I had trudged through a foot of snow into a spot where you wouldn’t be able to tell I wasn’t in the depths of a forest, I said, “Ok I’m in the woods. What’s up?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to hang.”

A couple of weeks later, my UK visa application was denied. I made a schoolboy error. By the time I had the new documents to reapply, I’d missed my flight and I didn’t have enough money to reapply, buy a new flight and get set back up in London.

I’d been perhaps over questioning and over involving Holy Spirit (if that’s possible) since before I left London. “Should I walk 33 or 45 degrees to the left?” kinda stuff. He’d told me over and over there’d be enough money for what we were doing. So when my plans went to shit, I began to realise that we weren’t doing my plan…


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