Do you know what the definition of, “Weird”, is?

According to the first definition of, “weird”, that comes up when you google it, “weird”, means: suggesting something supernatural; uncanny. I know there are other definitions of the word but I don’t care. I like this one and I brought it up because of what I chose to name this blog. I thought I should mention, we like weird around here.

I’m having a little bit of a problem writing this inaugural post for this blog. My intention for this blog is to share parts of my story along with parts of my history with God but I’m finding a pressure in this forum that doesn’t exist in my previous closed Facebook group. So, here, together, let’s break agreement with the spirit of performance that’s trying to say that I need to come up with the most brilliant, profound, unique, inspiring insight into the heart of God in order to not waste your precious time reading this. That’s better. Now I’ll actually have a chance to get somewhere interesting.

Now, who am I and why am I writing things? I’m a Canadian currently attending my first year of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Prior to being in Redding, California, I was hanging around Catch the Fire in Toronto and prior to that I was hanging around King’s Cross Church in London, England. I do have quite a strong drive towards really wacky manifestations of God breaking through from the mysterious places He hangs out, into our little reality bubbles we live in. I love wacky, wacky stories but more than that, I love the actual, tangible power of the love of God to transform dead hearts into living, breathing, beautiful things.

So, what I want from this blog is to pass on to you glimpses and echoes of the encounters I have with God in the hopes that it makes you hungry for the very particular, ‘more’, He is currently offering you.

We all live with an open invitation to step into a higher version of our lives. My hope with this blog is to impart to you the truth of how far your, ‘yes’, could take you.



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